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“Go? Where did you go?” “I’ll forget you not I’ll forget you not I’ll wait for you..for you… maybe I’ll forget you not… I’ll forget you not I’ll wait for you… maybe” Ellie… Continua a leggere

Only if for a night

Originally posted in the still unfinished work on Ceremonials.


“The face of you, my substitute for love” 135 x 90 © 2013 Manuela Medici

young Icarus

© 2013 Manuela Medici “Icarus is flying towards an early grave…” Bastille – Icarus

BloodRope – Vortice

BloodRope – Vortice 65 x 50 © 2012 Manuela Medici L’idea di questo disegno nasce dalla lettura di “Vortice”, una poesia di Grazia Bruschi. The inspiration for this drawing comes from “Vortice“, a… Continua a leggere

CEREMONIALS – part one

Florence Welch is one of the most delicate and amazing songwriter on the scene these days and to me she’s more like a poet than a singer. These drawings i made are representing… Continua a leggere


BOY 121 x 93 © 2012 Manuela Medici


Deceased 140 x 94 © 2012 Manuela Medici


WashAway © 2012 Manuela Medici 80 x 120


Skeleton 39 x 75 © 2012 Manuela Medici Inspired by the song Skeleton, by Dolores O’Riordan


  WhiteOut 60 x 90 © 2012 Manuela Medici


  Goodbye 70 x 100 © 2012 Manuela Medici


    Grace 50 x 90 © 2012 Manuela Medici La pietra dura scolpita da mani cieche, generose di eternità. Grace – così ti ho chiamata – per la grazia che hai nel… Continua a leggere