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Self portrait #4

Only if for a night

Originally posted in the still unfinished work on Ceremonials.

The Monster

“I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed, get along with the voices inside of my head…”

Mirror mirror on the wall

© 2013 Manuela Medici This weekend I took a small trip to Mombello, an abandoned mental institution outside Milan. I took many pictures and a lot of impressions to work on. I’ve loved… Continua a leggere


© 2013 Manuela Medici Thanx to my friend A. for posing for me.


“In alignment until the end..” © 2013 Manuela Medici

Like a Skyscraper

© 2013 Manuela Medici “You can take everything I have, you can break everything I am like I’m made of glass, like I’m made of paper go on and try to tear me… Continua a leggere

Know your enemy

© 2013 Manuela Medici “All warfare is based on deception.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


© 2013 Manuela Medici

4 Seasons | The many deaths of Aaliis Talesman

© 2013 Manuela Medici Thanx to my friend A. for posing for me.


Autunno 130 x 85 © 2013 Manuela Medici

The Hunter

The Hunter 80 x 42 © 2013 Manuela Medici

Of wolf and man

Of Wolf and Man 94 x 45 © 2012 Manuela Medici Thanks to my friend Manuel for posing for me.

BloodRope – Vortice

BloodRope – Vortice 65 x 50 © 2012 Manuela Medici L’idea di questo disegno nasce dalla lettura di “Vortice”, una poesia di Grazia Bruschi. The inspiration for this drawing comes from “Vortice“, a… Continua a leggere

CEREMONIALS – part one

Florence Welch is one of the most delicate and amazing songwriter on the scene these days and to me she’s more like a poet than a singer. These drawings i made are representing… Continua a leggere

The Eye – L’urlo

The Eye – L’urlo © 2012 Manuela Medici 61 x 100 Ispirato alla poesia “L’Urlo” di Grazia Bruschi Inspired by the poem “L’Urlo” by Grazia Bruschi

Under My Skin -Futuristic Autopsy (autoritratto n° 3)

  Under My Skin -Futuristic Autopsy (autoritratto n° 3) 40 x 110 © 2012 Manuela Medici

Monsters always watch

  Monsters Always Watch 36 x 60 © 2012 Manuela Medici La foto originale è del fotografo Giuseppe Pallotta. Questo quadro nasce per gioco, tra un commento e l’altro qui sul blog. Una… Continua a leggere

They’re coming – (Look inside the eye of the monster – Autoritratto n° 2)

They’re coming (Look inside the eye of the monster – Autoritratto n° 2) © 2012 Manuela Medici 35 x 50


  Autoritratto / Portrait detail 34 x 50 © 2012 Manuela Medici

The MisBeheading of a Queen

The MisBeheading of a Queen © 2012 Manuela Medici Anne Boleyn played by Natalie Dormer Original picture belongs to Showtime


Ispirato alla poesia “Color Horror” di Grazia Bruschi DeepBlueSee 50 x 56 © 2012 Manuela Medici


ECHOgraphy 40 x 55 © 2012 Manuela Medici